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Tecla - 1915 Historic Gaff Ketch

Tall Ship Tecla

Tecla is a two masted tall ship run by a Dutch family, often with two generations sailing her. She was originally built to fish the North Seas under sail in 1915, and also spent a hard working life carrying cargoes under sail in the Baltic. Tecla became a charter vessel in 1986. but she really became well known internationally when she gained new owners in 2006. The Sluik family gave the ship a huge injection of energy and enthusiasm and took Tecla beyond her Dutch home waters to race in international tall ships races.

Tecla has done well in tall ships races in the last 7 years and gained many prizesups. Her latest feather in her cap is to come home from a two year circumnavigation around the World with adventurous charter crews of all ages and nationalities.

Tecla Sailing Schedule - All Voyages, Dates and Prices

Tecla Vessel Brochure

Life on Board Tecla

On board Tecla—as on all of Classic Sailing holidays—you are not a passenger but part of the guest crew. You will be assigned a watch together with the professional crew to sail, steer and navigate the ship. No sailing experience is necessary. The crew will be happy to explain the functions of all the ropes.

On a fore and aft rigged ketch there is more sail trimming, tacking and gybing than you might find on a square rigger, so at times on watch you may be very busy. 

Most of the deck layout of the Tecla has been kept in a traditional state of when she was used for transport. On deck you will find traditional details and a lot of wood work. Sails are set by hand, a big part of the electricity used on board is generated by the dynamo on the propeller.

Read more about the Vessel History

Accommodation & Ship Specification

Tecla is 90 feet long on deck and takes upto 16 guest crew in two person cabins. For her full ships specification and photos of her accommodation below decks read more.

Ship Specification & Accommodation

Watch Keeping on Tecla

Tecla does some big trips so you will be expected to help sail the ship. Guest crew will be divided into groups called watches and on a passage there will be a watch keeping routine. Watch keeping means that when it is your turn to be on watch you will need to be out on deck, awake and without music or books. It means the other watch teams can relax knowing you are concentrating on getting the best out of the ship, and notching up the miles towards your next destination, day or night.

You will sit on the aft on the lookout or with bad visibility you will be on the front of the Tecla on the lookout. You will be steering the vessel in turns and write down the position of the vessel every hour. Three watches means that the watches are never bigger than 6 people. So all watch members will get a chance do some navigational work.

Every watch has an own set of chores to do on board. The red watch is responsible for making the dinner and doing the dishes of the lunch. White will make breakfast and do the dishes of dinner. And Red will prepare lunch and do the dishes of breakfast.

We have a daily routine we work with and we will keep to this routine. This way you know what to expect and you know when to work or sleep. We do not change watches, so you will have the same routine every day.

Kit List - What to Bring

Where does she sail ?

Ocean Voyages Around the World

In 2013-14 Tecla sailed around the world with charter crews. She island hopped in Cape Verde, explored the Brazilian coast, crossed the South Atlantic to Cape Town. Sailing in Company with two other Dutch Tall Ships Europa and Oosterschelde she went looking for the Sardine Run off Mauritius, crossed the Indian Ocean to Australia and took part in a tall ships race from Sydney to New Zealand.  Tecla braved the Southern Ocean, crossing the South Pacific and Rounding Cape Horn, so she proved she was a tough ship, and fast enough to keep up with and often beat her bigger companions 56m Europa and Oosterschelde.

We don't think Tecla's globe trotting will finish here as they have ambitious plans for the future. In 2017 she returns to Iceland, but has two expeditions to East Greenland this summer for the first time.

Outer Hebrides & St Kilda

If you love sailing and mountains then Tecla is heading for the West Coast of Scotland in the spring.  Join her from Amsterdam and sail right accross the North Sea and through the Caledonian Canal to Oban  The snow may still be on the mountain tops but the Inner and Outer Hebrides offer ideal sailing conditions for a fast ship like Tecla.  If the conditions are right she plans to sail to St Kilda, but there are plenty of islands and anchorages to explore in the Outer Hebrides, Shiant Islands, Summer Isles or the more sheltered lochs around Skye, and further south the Small Isles of Rum, Eigg and Canna.

Scotland - St Kilda Voyages on Tecla - dates and prices

 Summer Expedition to Iceland and Greenland 2017

After an exploratory summer in Icleand last summer, Tecla is heading back to the land of ice and fire for a second year. Discover your inner Viking sailing between the island groups of St Kilda, Outer Hebrides, Orkney, Fair Isle, Faroes on the way to Icleand. Chose from several Icelandic coastal voyages exploring many places that can only be reached by boat.NW Iceland is also providing a bold stepping off point for a 3 week expedition to East Greenland and back. This expdition is virtually full, so e now have a second Greenland Expedition on Tecla you can join.

Helping plan their itinerary have been wildlife guides like Annouka, who has worked with North Sailing whale watching boats in Iceland and explored NW and Northern Iceland whilst she lived there.  Tecla will be sailing from Reykjavik upto the North West Fjords, basing herself in Isafjordur for a few wildlife voyages, then heading to the North coast of Iceland - to one of Europe's best kept secrets.

Iceland - Best Whale Watching in Northern Europe

Greenland is only 400 miles away accross the Denmark Strait and you can sail into the Arctic Circle on Tecla.  The deep fjords of Skaljfandi Bay and the whole coast along to Akureyri are one of the most reliable locations in Europe to see big whales. Minke, Sperm whales, fin whales, orca ande even blue whales have been sighted regularly here.  The Iceland Voyages will have a wildlife guide and plenty of opportunity for walks and exploring ashore.

Iceland Coast 2017 - all voyage legs - dates and prices

Greenland Sailing Expeditions on Tecla


Skippers are Jan, Jet, Janet and Gijs, all one family but two generations!

Together the family of Jan, Jannette, Gijs and Jet, muster 65 years of traditional charter sailing experience and invite everybody to join them aboard to be a part of the history of Tecla. 

Debbie in Classic Sailing office has sailed with one of Tecla's Captains from Brazil to Antarctica. Gjis sometimes sails on Bark Europa as 1st Mate during the winter. He has also been a mate on Stad Amsterdam. If you can't pronouce his name Dutch style then 'Heiss' is close. He speaks great English, loves to sail every ship he works on to the happiest when he can run around the deck and pull sails with the guests. Gjis has a strong interest in maritime history and exploration and always wants to take Tecla to new places.

Read more about the professional crew

Great Racing Success in Tall Ships Races

If you want a fast and competitive ship to race on in Tall Ships Races then Tecla has a great track record.  The crew is likely to be a bit mix of Nationalities now Tecla has sailed around the world and been introduced to a keen audience of new sailors.

Tall Ship Races 2010
Antwerp-Aalborg: 2nd in class B 4 overall
Kristiansand-Harlepool 3rd in class and 4 overall
Overall series: 1st in class B on corrected time
North Sea Regatta: 1st in Class B
Final Race results 2011 Tall Ship Races

Tall Ship Races 2011
Race 1: Waterford- Greenock: 1 in Class 2 Overall
Race 2: Lerwick-Stavanger 3 In class B and 3 overall
Race 3: Stavanger-Halmstad 3 in class B and 11 overall
Final results over race series: 2 in Class B and 3 Overall

Tall Ships Race in the Baltic 2011
Race 1: Klaipeda-Turku 2 in class B and 8 overall
Race2: Turku-Gdynia 1st in class B and 9th overall
Final race results: 1st in call B and 4 overall

Irish Sea Regatta 2012
Dublin-Liverpool making the most miles, 1st in class and 1st overall


Gijs is one of Tecla's Captain's

Jet is another Captain and sister to Gijs, and also has a major role in marketing the family vessel.

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