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Gift vouchers for sailing holidays with classic sailing last 3 years


We can solve your last minute present problems. Classic Sailing Shop has gift vouchers you can order and pay for on line, with downloadable letters and cards for Gift Voucher Recipients. Our gift vouchers can be for any value and can be used on any of the vessels we promote. The gift voucher lasts for 3 years.

Alternatively you can also book a friend or relative on a specific voyage or day sail if you know they are available to come sailing. 

BUY GIFT VOUCHERS plus advice on choosing and DIY gift vouchers to buy and download for those in a hurry......


books for sale

BOOKS for Arm Chair Explorers

Have a look at our photo book on Antarctica and Luke Powell's Working Sail - a Life in Wooden Boat Building - all with gorgeous photos and a story to tell that has great relevance to our customers and potential customers. If you want to understand where our enthuiasm comes from, these two big books help explain the passion.  BUY BOOKS, read reviews and more on authors.....


RYA logbooks, handbooks, and recommended books for sale on line hereRYA PUBLICATIONS - Home Learning topics from weather to navigation

We offer the full range of RYA publications that you can order and buy on line from our shop. Many book titles will be perfect for pre course swot up before you sail. Others will help you cement your knowledge gained on our ships. Dont forget we also have distance learning RYA theory courses which you can buy on line - with access to a tutor. 

BUY RYA BOOKS & TRAINING PUBLICATIONS Enter the on line library and buy.....


Antarctic Peninsula Map for SaleMAPS - Chart your voyage

If you are visiting Antarctica or South Georgia and you want to chart the ships progress on your own British Antarctic Survey Chart then we these two areas covered and the whole Weddell and Scotia Sea.

Obviously we hope you are sailing on tall ships Europa, Oosterschelde or Lord Nelson, but we don't mind if you buy one for your granny when she sets 'sail' to the Great White Continent on a cruise ship.                    BUY CHARTS - see map coverage, details and prices.....


Photo from 'Cold' - 240 page Book with English text by Dutch Photographer Thjis Helsenfeld


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