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Eve of St Mawes - Day Skipper Course - May 2016

Dear Debbie

Thanks very much for the hat. I had a great time on your boat and picked up enough very basic experience to start experimenting dangerously on the river with my mini gaff.

I also enjoyed the wonderfully eccentric and extremely genial company. How often do you get to spend quality time with a vegan special forces captain, with a Phd in politics, who's fallen in love with whales?  Although I have to say, being stalked by what I assume were classic sailings "in house" dolphins was probably my highlight of the trip.

Let me know if you post any melodion vids on youtube I would like to see them. If they are of any use for your PR feel free to do anything with them you wish.

Alan L, Shropshire 24-05-16

(Alan was also a great  character - Melodian Player, Poldark musician and sculptor to the queen.) 

RYA Day Skipper Course on Eve - April 2016

Dear Debbie,

Now that I’m back in Madrid and all the events of last week are sinking in properly -what I learnt, so much more I still have to learn and practice- I’m feeling quite overwhelmed, apart from absolutely knackered!! It was such a massive honour to sail on Eve, which I had been dreaming about ever since reading Luke’s book, and, more particularly with you as skipper, which was an added bonus as I had no idea who would be in command when I booked. I think you’re brilliant and I feel not a little envy (what the Spanish call “envidia sana”) at the breadth of your knowledge and experience. I really loved the navigation and pilotage sections of the course, but wish I could have spent a couple more weeks aboard putting all those different transits and bearings into practice with your guidance. But I’ll be afloat again soon and can’t wait to go out and plot every single cutoff and clearing bearing imaginable within a ten-mile radius of my ría. As I said on board, the course really did exceed my expectations; I just wish we’d had more time. Also great for me was being able to play with the same running rigging as on Eltoraji (barring running backstays and the like).  I’ll be back. Definitely.

I really hope you make it to our neck of the woods this summer and will be scanning the horizon for Agnes as of July/August if you put in to Ribadeo, and will alert Martin and Pete to look out for you in Redes.

Un abrazo muy fuerte, Caroline

Artist Voyage on Eve with Claudia Myatt June 2014

Hi Debbie...just wanted to say a million thanks for such a stunning three day trip with you on Eve  this week.  This was a perfect combination trip for me, with sailing and art...and accidental music....combined, and I was very happy!  Learnt a lot from both you and Claudia and had some really memorable moments ....I will particularly remember a blue bucket and a zodiac!  And I am googling Figleaf.
I thought Claudia was fantastic....rare to find so much talent in one person who is so incredibly nice as well!
You were a brill skipper and got the best out of all of us.....and you have  got me thinking about doing more.  If you are personally leading similar trips in future, let me know....particularly if Claudia is involved, and you are thinking of doing a paimpol trip.
In the meantime, I got the poetry bug on the train back.....thought you might like to see the result!

At the helm.  Eve of St Mawes. July 2014
Sailing at sea. Stillness in the brain,
Mental storm suppressed . Opposite to the
foaming, energetic water which carries you on
through green blue, wind-gusted world.

You exist. Watchfulness priority 
in your mind. Eyes fixed to the luffing sail and
instinctive hands responding on the tiller.
No escape till the harbour.

No clock. No need for calendar.
You get there or you don't by the wind
the tide, the trimness of the boat.
The only deadline is the mooring.

Thought disappears. You exist in the moment.
Water sprayed skin. Wind touched cheek. And a 
flood of sea diffused joy, spreading quietly
through everything you are.
Luv and thanks

Photographic Voyage on Eve 2014

"I Just wanted to say a personal thank you to you both for the very enjoyable trip on Eve last week. Being my first time on a sailing boat I did not know what to expect but ended up falling in love with being at sea on such a lovely boat with a great skipper (Debbie) and new found friends.
I really felt at home helping sail Eve and being part of the crew. In reality the photography side of the trip took second place to the enjoyment of being a deckhand on the trip. The trip started on a high with Debbies comment on my rowing skills, LOL

Thank you for giving me a passion at such a late age (58) for something I always had an interest in, but never knew why."

Alan P - May 2014

"It was truly a fantastic experience, surpassing my expectations. Eve was a joy to learn to sail and James was an absolute star - he was very helpful, friendly, approachable and very knowledgeable plus he makes an awesome bowl of porridge! 5 stars *****" Duncan - May 2012

" If I close my eyes I can still feel the gentle rocking of Eve, smell sea breeze and look out over St Mawes harbour. Thank you for giving me a memory I will never forget." Nicholas - EV1211

"Great skipper of a boat that really lives" Tim - May 2012

" The tranquility of being on the water and the buzz of sailing, a good adrenaline rush" Benito - EV1210

"Eve is a beautiful boat, outside and in, and the all wood construction adds a charm distinctly lacking in most modern boats – real character". - Rob.

"Demanding sailing supported by excellent training and outstanding food, James was a brilliant skipper and made the week a thoroughly  enjoyable experience." Liz - Day Skipper Course April 2012

"Finally getting the confidence to handle the boat in a Force 6!  Learning about navigation was fascinating.  Company, as always, was fantastic." Deirdre April 2012

"Fell in love with Eve. Enjoyed the art sessions very much. Good to make new friends too." Heather - on Eve's Artist Voyage April 2012

Describing Eve's Sail Walk Row 3 day voyages - " A Beginners Delight" Serena - April 2012

"What a grand way to spend a Monday morning." - Pierce Brosnan after a day sailing on Eve of St Mawes

 "A very big thank you for a most enjoyable and memorable trip, the boat and voyage far exceeded my expectations." - Richard S.

"Taking the decision to stretch myself outside my comfort zone.. has taken me by surprise - how glad I am I took the risk. Both you and Debbie are doing something exceptional."  - Tracy 2004

"I shan’t forget the coast of Brittany rising from the sea after my first channel crossing, nor the magic of the preceding night, the moon suspended in the starboard shrouds and the breaking crest of Eve’s bow wake caught in the gleam of her navigation lights. I can’t wait to go sailing again! James  2007

"I should have done this 10 years ago!" - Chris  2008.

"Thoroughly enjoyed the holiday. It was a real escape. I pretend I'm on the boat at home. I haven't slept so well for a long time."  -Liz L

"Eve us such a beautiful boat, and I learnt loads thanks to your very patient teaching. The food was wonderful!" - Jane  2004.

"We are well and truly hooked, and had a brilliant time!" - Nichola Van Der Bij. 2004..


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