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Grayhound - Three masted lugger & privateer

Three Masted Lugger Grayhound

Come sailing on the first three masted lugger to have been built in Britain for 200 years! Grayhound can take up to ten guest crew who will all take an active part in sailing this unique and wonderful ship. Grayhound welcomes families, solo sailors, couples and beginners, and adventurous individuals. Grayhound frequently features in magazines in the UK and France, as a ground breaking vessel at the forefront of green transport and a sail cargo revolution. You can help transport organic wine and beer between Britain and France, or come on a purely holiday voyage or day sail.


A Mission to Carry Cargoes Under Sail

If you sign up to be crew on a 'Sail Cargo' voyage then the main aim is to deliver a cargo of organic wine or ale under sail between France and the UK, without resorting to fossil fuels. Each bottle carries a Grayhound label with a code number, which enables the purchaser to view the route their wine took, with statistics on how much was achieved under sail, and how much carbon was saved.

Grayhound's Cargo voyages are longer than the typical time needed to sail the route. There are two reasons for this: Firstly Grayhound aims to sail the whole route without resorting to her engine. She frequently makes a fast passage across the Channel, but if the winds are light then the crew will make best use of every wind shift and it may take days rather than hours. The crew pride is in enjoying every sunset and sunrise, reveling in the sail changes making it without fossil fuels. If you just happen to anchor is a beautiful bay to wait for the tidal stream to turn, then an opportunistic swim off the boat is a bonus. The second reason for giving a cargo voyage plenty of time to reach the final destination is to allow opportunities to pop into a small port on route to hand deliver a specific cargo order or pick up goods. It's legitimate trading, a great opportunity to create a sailing spectacle, and part of a growing movement towards green transport.

On board your 18th Century Privateer the experience feels quite smuggler like in spirit and connects you with the local community. Often the whole village turns out to help you unload the cargo (small boxes). Grayhound does have an engine, but she also has a lean, fast hull shape and 3500 square feet of sail to take full advantage of mother nature. Beginners and sailing enthusiasts alike can immerse themselves in 'hands on' sailing skills, whether it be ghosting along with the tide in the moonlight, or blasting along with topsails and t'gallants set. 

Grayhound Voyages - descriptions, dates & prices 

Healthy Family Holidays with a Pirate Dash

Grayhound also offers family friendly sailing holidays without any set itinerary. The building of Grayhound was part of the vision of Marcus and Freya.  Both ocean sailors, they wanted to share their love of places like the Azores and the Caribbean with charter guests and their young son Malachi. They created a wooden live-a-board vessel large enough to be their family home, business and eye catching flagship. Grayhound completed an Trans Atlantic Circuit in her first commercial season, but now her 'Robinson Crusoe' style charter holidays are based closer to home. Malachi was 2 when he crossed the Atlantic and is now 7 years old (2018), so Marcus and Freya are not phased by having any age of child on board these voyages or day sails.  Read more about Marcus and Freya.

Inspires you to Tread Lightly on the Planet

Marcus and Freya care deeply about the world and its dwindling resources. Instead of ranting, they have found a practical and uplifting way to make a difference, and inspire the crews that sail with them.

A holiday should refresh you and fill you with energy and enthusiasm for the future.  Classic Sailing believe the Grayhound crew and this incredible three masted lugger will be that tonic, refresh the way you think, and possibly change the way you live your life. You don't have to sign up for 6 months on a Greenpeace ship to meet eco-warriors.  The Sail Cargo movement is a growing fleet, with great opportunities for GAP year students or career break professionals to meet passionate supporters around the world.

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Grayhound - Cargo Voyages - dates and prices

Grayhound Full Sailing Schedule - voyage dates and prices

What Grayhound Does Best

Freya and Marcus enjoy hosting guests from all walks of life, cooking healthy food for everyone, having interesting company on board, some music playing on deck and a glass of wine in hand. As a family they love sailing, rowing and exploring ashore. They can give you plenty of attention and show you their favourite places as they are ably assisted by an experienced deckhand and up to two keen trainees.

Two Rowing Gigs as Ships Boats

The beauty of lots of deck space is you can have proper ships boats.  Grayhound crews rowed out to join the ship, brought fresh provisions on board, landed on tropical islands and swam in turquoise seas - all without the use of a noisy outboard engine for two years.  They now have two identical mini gig boats so you can even have rowing races ashore.

Sailing Lugger Style - What to Expect

Grayhound has a huge bowsprit and outrigger so her total sparred length is 108ft. With all canvas set her 3500 square foot of sail can drive her fast hull at speeds over 14 knots. The main and foremast carry large lug sails and above that topsails and t’gallants can be hoisted. Unlike a square rigger this lugger is no slouch to windward. She has proved a thrill to race at festivals from Looe to Antigua, but the beauty of this lug rig is its versatility.

There are no booms at deck level. Her lug sails can be reefed. Her sail balance allows her to sail without a jib on the bowsprit. The sails are no heavier to hoist than our other gaffers but hoisting the topsail and t’gallant yards requires well-co-ordinated teamwork.

Full Ship Specification & More on her design

Kit list - what to bring

Below Decks Accommodation

The interior of Grayhound is like a home that expects to have guests. Not cluttered, but relaxed and welcoming. It has featured in Coast Magazine so that is a good hint that the interior is a bit special. The internal spaces are very well thought out, with a great deal of flexibility to accommodate all sorts of guest crew mixes, family life and a professional crew.

Read more about Grayhound Accommodation and Layout

Freya's Galley - Heart of the Ship

Whilst Marcus is the Captain, Freya is also a qualified Skipper, ocean Yachtmaster and Mum. More importantly, she is the full time cook onboard and she does it because she loves creating great meals and so you can have a relaxing holiday without having to cook!

Freya prefers to cook with fresh local ingredients and cares where food comes from - whether it is a French Market or a local producer she has got to know. Typically guests enjoy big bowls of pasta and very colourful salads, quiches, seafood, curries and roasts during the summer.

"This year we are pleased to say we will only be cooking with Free Range Chicken and Eggs and trying to source locally grown produce, cheese and meats wherever possible. We do enough fishing to feed ourselves and no more!"


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