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Lord Nelson Cape Verde to the Azores.

Voyage Number Vessel Starting Port Ending Port
LN942 Lord Nelson Cape Verde (Sal) Ponta Delgada, Azores
Booking fee Voyage duration Start date and time End date and time
GBP £20.00 21 Days
15/02/2018 - 16:00 to 07/03/2018 - 10:00
15/02/2018 - 16:00 to 07/03/2018 - 10:00
Berth Type Availability Price Special Price
Per Person Limited places - Book Now GBP £1570.00 n/a
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Lord Nelson Cape Verde to the Azores. 

  • 21 Day Ocean Passage

  • Cape Verde

  • Whales

  • The Azores

The Cape Verde islands

Famous for sensational blue water sailing conditions provided by the prevailing North Easterly trade winds, the Cape Verde islands are ideal for blue water cruising and island hopping alike.

Cape Verde is a great destination for those who like it windy and sunny – Sal has hosted world kite surfing championships and Boa Vista is well known as a windsurfing blast spot. 


Classic Sailing Tall Ship Sailing on Lord Nelson

The islands are one of the most important breeding sites for turtles in the world, with active conservation projects to protect them. Keep your eyes peeled for loggerhead, hawksbill, leatherback and green turtles, and you may even be lucky enough to spot dolphins and whales!

With average monthly temperatures in January and February of around 23°C (74°F) and average monthly rainfall of just 2mm, you can hopefully soak up some much needed winter sun in Cape Verde.


Island Information for Sal, Cape Verde

Sal is easy to get to and from with very reasonable priced flights to and from Europe and North America.

Sal is best known for its beach holidays and kite surfing but for us it’s just a great place to chill out before you sail of on your ocean passage to the Azores.


Santa Maria

There is an old town with a local population, living in low rise housing, but it has been rather consumed by beach side development and apartments. The town does have lot of developments under way, but the 3 mile beach still offers a perfect place to unwind after your voyage.  The sea is a stunning turquoise with local fishing boats still bringing in a daily catch of wahoo and tuna.  There are several fish restaurants on the beach or in the local squares and a couple of harder to find restaurants with quality menus. Many of the hotels are run by Italians or Portuguese and some have small restaurants too. You can buy snacks from small local shops or street vendors.

Hump Back Whale Tail

Blue water sailing to the Azores

The Eastern Atlantic Islands of The Azores, lies at just far enough north to catch the prevailing SW wind and carry sailing ships towards Europe and the English Channel. Thus they have been a staging posts for square rig sailors and yachtsmen through the centuries, these mountainous island landfalls with lush vegetation are a welcome reward on our 10-14 day ocean passages.

There is more to becoming a blue water sailor than swapping oilskins for shorts, but a winter suntan certainly helps. Ocean sailors happily adapt to a watch routine and the constant motion of the ship day and night. Experience all the ships moods from glassy calms to white capped swells launching flying fish from crest to crest.

Azores - Whale Hunters turned Environmentalists

Whale hunting was historically a major source of income in the Azores. The local island communities continue to reap the benefits of being on the migration trail but now they have turned to whale watching and cetacean research, replacing their bloodier past. A tall ship (like a whaling ship) has a great advantage over island boats for cetacean spotting – a crows nest vantage point. If you are on the royal yard and you see a pod of whales spouting, we don't think you will be able to resist the Captain Ahab / Moby Dick moment. Yes, both Classic Sailing directors have been caught shouting  "Thar she blows !"

Humpback Whale migration in the Spring

March is a good time to be in the Azores as Humpback whales pass through the islands on their annual migration. The more time you can spend at sea in deep oceanic waters, the more chance you have of spotting whales and dolphins. Large sperm whales have also been regularly sighted off the islands.

Blue Water Ocean Passage on a Square Rigger

Even on a three masted sailing ship there will be times when Lord Nelson will feel a very small vessel. There will be days when you may not see another vessel or sign of modern life –but usually there are ships and fishing vessels to spot. Look out for the world’s ocean wildlife – seabirds like gannets and storm petrels, Whales and large schools of dolphins. As you head south the seas get bluer and warmer, its more shorts than wet weather gear. 

Rhythm of Ocean Sailing 

To keep LORD NELSON and TENACIOUS manned 24 hours a day, voyage crew are divided into four watches called Forward Port (FP), Forward Starboard (FS), Aft Port (AP) and Aft Starboard (AS). The Mate will explain the watchkeeping system and the ship’s routine. Watchkeeping means steering, keeping lookout, handling sails etc. under the supervision of your Watchleader and one of the ship’s Permanent Crew. When you are not “on watch” you may be asked to help the watch on deck with setting and trimming sails.

Each watch ideally comprises 10 people:
One Watchleader who is someone who has previously sailed on board LORD NELSON or TENACIOUS and has been recommended by the permanent crew for this role. Voyage Crew Up to 9 people of all ages and physical abilities.

Night Sailing

Crossing an ocean requires sailing through the night, sometimes under stars so bright you feel you could read a book, or moonlight casting a shadow version of your sailing ship on the silvery sea alongside.  You may be on watch from 4am to 8am one night with the tantalising smell of bacon to welcome you off watch, and the next night it will be midnight until 4am. Curling up for a snooze in the afternoon will seem quite natural after a while.


“ Classic Sailing gift vouchers are up there with Oxfam ‘buy a goat for Christmas’ as a present most likely to change a life.” Georgie D , Norfolk

Able bodied & disabled crews sailing as equals 

Tenacious (and her smaller sister ship Lord Nelson) are the only two of their kind in the world that have been designed and built to enable people of all physical abilities to sail side by side on equal terms. 36 000 people have sailed on the two ships since they were built. Facilities on board include wide flat decks for ease of movement around the ship, wheel chair lifts between deck levels, a hearing hoop, a speaking compass when required and hydraulic power assisted steering to enable people with limited strength or mobility to experience the thrill of steering a 586 ton sailing ship. (see vessel details for more on her special facilities for the disabled).

A Challenge for All

The safety of everyone is top priority and so every activity is conducted at a pace comfortable for all. The forces of nature show no compromise and Tenacious is still a powerful square rigger so with main course, upper and lower topsails traditionally rigged so there is still considerable challenge in every voyage. Perhaps going aloft (climbing the rigging is optional) will be the biggest adrenalin buzz or simply the challenge and rewards of being part of a very special floating community.

The Buddy System

On Board Tenacious & Lord Nelson we operate a buddy system, which pairs able bodied and physically disabled people together. Everyone is there to help one another and share the experience, so the buddy system works both ways! You’ll get the chance to share skills and life experiences and, as many of our crew have found, make friendships that can last a lifetime. (On the booking form able bodied crew are asked if they are happy to buddy a mildly disabled crew member or a severely disabled crew member.)

Debbie in the Classic Sailing office has been a buddy for young wheelchair users and blind crew, as well as sailed on Tenacious as Watch Leader and Lord Nelson as a deck officer so if you are worried about your role on board, do give her a ring on 01872 580022.

GAP Year Challenge or Career Break

If you are taking time out to re appraise your life or do something worthwhile for your fellow humans, then a voyage on Tenacious or Lord Nelson can be both re-affirm your faith in human nature and take you on some interesting paths.

If you are aged 16-24 find out more about the ships Youth Leadership @ Sea programme - available on some voyages. There are bursaries available if you can't afford it.

A Tenacious voyage is also an accredited Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award residential programme.

Photo: Dolphins under the Dolphin Straker !



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