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Europa - All the way from Holland to South America - 8000 miles combining 4 voyage legs and saving €1240 euros on a 4-6 berth cabin

Voyage Number Vessel Starting Port Ending Port
EU030918a Europa Scheveningen,Nl Montevideo, Uruguay
Booking fee Voyage duration Start date and time End date and time
EUR €30.00 70 days
03/09/2018 - 17:00 to 11/11/2018 - 09:00
03/09/2018 - 17:00 to 11/11/2018 - 09:00
Berth Type Availability Price Special Price
4-6 Berth Cabin per person Available - Book Now EUR €6240.00 EUR €4900.00
2 Berth Cabin per person Fully booked EUR €7480.00 EUR €6300.00
Voyage Description:

The Ultimate Escape: 70 days on a Square Rigger from Europe to South America


Escaping the modern world and being part of a self sufficent community alone on a big wide ocean. Romantics, stressed out modern workers, eco warriors and sailors who are looking for a classic ocean crossing on a square rigger that specialises in long haul adventures..

f you are at a crosroads in your life, a career break, uncertain what to do next or just wanting life to be simple again, then we recommend a spell at sea. You might not need 70 days, but if you can take that much time out we don't think you will regret it.  This is a combination of 4 voyage legs, so in 2018 you do save some money by booking all 4 legs together (save €1240 euros on a 4 or 6 berth cabin and €1180 euros on a two berth cabin).  There is also a 2 leg combination from Tenerife to Montevideo if you just want to do the warm bits (save €190 / €250).

Leg 1 Holland to Portugal

Bark Europa will be refiting in the Netherlands, so you may find many of the deckhands have been volunteering for that, and the first leg will very much be a shakedown of new crew and testing everything is working well before the ship leaves European waters. The English Channnel can be challenging with headwinds, shipping and plenty of chance to tck a square rigger.  Once into Biscay you get a feel of the ocean, and bigger swell.Northern Spain is a welcome landfall, with high mountains and coastal rias....and the lengendary Gallician seafood if you have a chance to stop.  Caiscais is a pleasant end to the first leg, and you might have enough shore time for a quick visit to LIsbon on the train.

Leg 2: Caiscais to Tenerife

This leg has the potenial to be pleasantly warm, especially as you get South of the straits of Gibraltar.  You are sailing down the African coast but the ship will be typically several hundred miles offshore, so this is very much an mini ocean passage...and maybe time to start getting the stunsails and skysails out of their sail bags. Start looking for flying fish, and this is a great leg for cetacean watching.

Leg 3 Tenerife to Cape Verde

Trade wind sailing, decent breeze, flying fish, wahoo and tuna...and the sun getting more and more tropical. If you want to get a good winter tan then this leg and the next should do it.  Europa likes to hove to mid ocean and some of the crew can go for a swim. Jumping off the bowsprit is quite an adventure....


Rite of Passage - Cross the Equator

Not only does this voyage cross the Atlantic, you are also entering Neptune's realm as you cross from Nothern to Southern Hemisphere. If you have not crossed the equator before on a ship, you change status from Greenhorn to Shellback. If you survive Neptunes Court you gain an ocean name to suit your character, and you can now get yourself a turtle tattoo to celebrate.  This epic voyage has it all, and the satisfaction of crossing between continents on a square rigger with minimal carbon footprint.


sail accross the equator on Bark Europa


This is an ocean passage so there will be the long swell of the Atlantic every present, so your ship and home will heel and roll, but you should get used to the rythmn within a day or so.  The temperature will change from pleasant winter sun where you might be sailing in shorts and t shirt, to full on tropical sun - tempered by the breezy NE trade wind belt as you get closer to Cape Verde.  Africa is hundreds of miles away but sometimes there is a dusty haze frolm the Sahara with certain wind directions.  Around Cape Verde the climate is similar to the Caribbean but not as humid, as their is rarely any rain.



On a sailing voyage we never use the word itinerary, as skippers will always be aiming for the best sailing and shore landings for the forecast and most idyllic or sheltered anchors and ports. They are as keen as you to include some of the highlights de-scribed below, but you have to go with mother nature, not fight her. The description below is based on what we think might be possible, based on past trips, or experience, but nothing is guaranteed on a sailing voyage.

Mini Ocean Passage

To experience the routine of a ship sailing in deep waters is to be in a different world – the rhythm of the sea reflected in the passing of the watches. You could be in a different age – take part and enjoy to the full. Your participation helps the voyage make way and when you arrive you have a real sense of achievement.

Santa Cruz is a big port on Tenerife, in the Canaries and is great town with culture and fine restaurants. There is a good bus service that can take you all over the island for walking and sight seeing. 

This is the third leg of Europa's winter migration from the Northern Hemisphere accross the equator to South America, and ever southward to Antarctica. In case you are tempted to stay on - the ports from here are Tenerife - Cape Verde - Montevideo.  You can save money by booking more than one leg.

Crossing an Ocean on a tall ship is a challenge and once in a lifetime ambition you should seize whilst you can. It is possible to live life comfortably and dare we say boringly, but you may never know your true strengths and what you can achieve working with others, or experience the truly humbling effect of being alone in a wide vast ocean. The sailors who followed the trade winds in square riggers were a special breed, and after a your voyage on Bark Europa you will earn yourself a place in a unique ‘club’, and make friendships which will bond you for a lifetime.Sailing Before The Mast

Do I Need Sailing Experience?

You do not need any sailing experience to go on Bark Europa’s voyage as you will be trained and well looked after. However these are the most challenging voyages we offer and not to be taken lightly. We want you to enjoy it, so if you have never spent longer than a few hours on a boat or ferry then please speak to us for realistic advice. This 9 day voyage is often a long way from land - but not beyond the ambitions of an adventurous newcomer to sailing, but if you plan to stay on for several legs, we may be able to suggest a trial voyage before the big challenge.


On Watch At Four Bells

Being woken up in the middle of the night has its compensations; helming the ship under the brightest stars you have ever seen, being in charge as the ship as she ploughs through the unseen waves and the welcome hot drink at the end of your watch. You do need to be reasonable confident in your level of fitness and stamina for Ocean Passages and settling into the ships routine as she sails day and night is the key to becoming an ocean sailor. Taking advantage of opportunities to rest or sleep when off watch in the daytime will help you enjoy this extended period at sea. Life back on shore will feel very strange once you get used to the rhythms of the sea and shipboard life.

Blue Water Sailors

There is more to becoming a blue water sailor than swapping oilskins for shorts, but a suntan certainly helps. Ocean sailors happily adapt to a watch routine and the constant motion of the ship day and night. Experience all the ships moods from glassy calms to white capped swells launching flying fish from crest to crest.

Skysails and Stun'sail

Approaching equatorial crossings, the extra skysail masts and yards are sent aloft and the whole crew can easily be kept busy setting the studding sails that few training ships dare rig. The square sails normally set are Course, lower topsail, upper topsail, t'gallant, and the highest yard on a tall ships mast is usually the Royal. In light and fickle winds or equatorial waters a mast extension is sent up from the deck and rigged securely on both the main and foremasts. Then a skysail ith its own yard and footrope is hoisted up and fixed to the skysail mast.  You can then count 6 square sails towering above you....or if you climb to the top, you migh see 6 sails beneath you!  In addition to skysails the existing steel yards can be extended with wooden booms which carry those amazing stun'sails on either side of the ship.  All good fun until the first squall, when they all have to come down quickly!

The 14 professional crew and guest crew soon become indistinguishable as you learn the ropes, gain a healthy tan and perhaps help out with the ships maintenance.



The Dutch are great eaters and there are snacks all through the day and night on top of three regular good meals every day. Dietary requirements on not a problem even on these longer ocean voyages, just let us know on your booking form of any dietary requirement you may have. Fresh bread is baked every day and the ship has large freezers. There is also a bar on board for when you are off watch.

Experienced and first time ocean sailors

If you are an adventurous spirit sailing for the first time then Europa keeps the romance of sailing alive with a great library, lectures, and enthusiastic crew who can teach a range of topics. If you have already sailed on a tall ship or are an experienced yacht sailor wanting to immerse yourself in square rig seamanship or maybe learn some Astro Navigation, then Europa is an excellent choice.

Wildlife at Sea

On a long ocean passage on Bark Europa you are almost bound to see whales and dolphins.  As you leave the continental shelf from Portugal, the upwelling of currents attracts cetaceans. Nearer to Tenerife there is a breeding ground for pilot whales. By the time you get level with the African continent you may see flying fish too. Sometimes land birds get blown off course and you find them trying to hitch a ride.


Whether you are an experienced sailor or a complete beginner, the professional crew will train you to be guest crew from the moment you arrive, with the intention that everybody works together to sail the ship. The common thread to all Classic Sailing holidays is ‘Hands on’ participation on ships that use ropes, blocks and tackles and ‘people power’ to set sail. We cater for a wide range of ages and physical abilities, and how much you are expected to do varies a bit between vessels.  For example on some sail training orientated ships you may have to help clean the ship each morning. On other ship’s they have a bigger staff team and you can chose to just do the nautical fun bits and exploring ashore. Our vessel description will explain the ‘sailing style’ of @@@@@ and what to expect in terms of hands on participation.



CAVEAT Every customer sailing with us will need to fill in basic medical questions on their booking application.  If you are not sure if your current level of fitness and agility are up to a voyage, then please ring the Classic Sailing Office and we can chat through your concerns and possibly find options that might suit you better. 



• Skipper & professional crew

• Sailing instruction

• All meals on board

• Port and landing fees

• Linen and duvets




• Travel to and from ports

• Alcohol but there is a bar

• Towels

• waterproofs




CAVEAT As long as the voyage is not about to start, Classic Sailing can reserve your place for 7 days without payment or financial commitment, whilst you talk to your boss, find a home to look after your dog, or check flight prices. All Classic Sailing need from you is a completed booking form to start the process: We check availability, approve your booking form,  and provisionally reserve a berth.  You place is confirmed and booking terms apply, only when you have paid the deposit. We strongly recommend you do not purchase flights or travel tickets until your voyage is fully confirmed.



On deck you work with the crew to sail the ship, joining in the watch system; you may assist with manoeuvres, steering and navigation. Bark Europa may be steered from within the wheelhouse or on deck at the ships wheel. The ship is ideal for ocean crossings and longer voyages, with various places for relaxing: library, lounge, cosy corner and deckhouse. These different areas allow you to do your own thing: perhaps some quiet reading or perhaps a more active role in the social life in the deckhouse. The ship is equipped with television/DVD, CD player, I-pod and radio.

There are two 2-person cabins, six 4-person cabins and four 6-person cabins. During these expeditions the 6-person cabins will have a maximum of 5 occupants. The comfortable cabins have an en-suite toilet and shower. An experienced cook and cook’s assistant will prepare three meals a day.

The majority of the crew is Dutch, but usually you will find various nationalities among the crew. All crew speak English, some are native speakers.

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