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There and back for Brest & Douarnenez Festival 2012 return leg full

Voyage Number Vessel Starting Port Ending Port
EVBOTH Eve of St Mawes St Mawes, Cornwall St Mawes, Cornwall
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GBP £20.00
11/07/2012 - 15:00 to 26/07/2012 - 10:00
11/07/2012 - 15:00 to 26/07/2012 - 10:00
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Fully booked GBP £1299.00 n/a
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Brest 2012 International Maritime Festival of the Sea

The themed title this year is "Les Tonnerres de Brest 2012" - or "Shiver me Timbers"

Brest 2012 (Les Tonnerres de Brest 2012) is a huge gathering of traditional craft from coracles and fishing vessels from Africa to towering windjammers. Eagerly awaited every four years, and followed by the more intimate DoBrest 08uarnenez Festival of the Sea further down the Brittany coast – the event is a mecca for music lovers, photographers and adventure sailors. Few festivals can match the spectacle of over 2000 sailing ships out on the water, and being out there with them is the best way to experience this sailors event. (Brest Festival dates: 13-19th July 2012)


Seven Classic Sailing vessels going to Brest Festival

Eve, Lizzie May, Annabel J, Bessie Ellen, Oosterschelde, Provident and Leader are all going to Brest in 2012.  Only traditionally rigged sailing vessels are invited and over 3000 gaffers, luggers, schooners, brigantines, rowing boats, three masters and working boats from every part of the world are heading for this long awaited summer event  The beauty of French festivals is that also encourage all the boats to go out sailing during the day – so the Classic Sailing 'fleet' can sail in company and go out into the Rade de Brest amongst the colourful fleet of sailing ships.


Chanel du Four, Ushant & L'Aberwrach

After an evening familiarisation sail for everyone to get their sea legs, Eve will either anchor for the first night and set off in the morning, or set sail for France straight way if the winds are good. Our Adventure travel consultant Georgia from the office  is an experienced sailor who speaks French. Adam is skipper and his attempts at French are more typically British but with good gestures and gallic shrugs!

Depending on the forcast and tide times around the corner of France L'Aberwrach might be a first destination. Dominated by the huge Ile de Vierge lighthouse, the approach is very rugged and rocky but the beacons are huge and the enterance channel is wider thanbrest 2008 it looks ! Once beyond the rock plateaux the town and beaches reveal themselves and the landscape is a lot more tranquil. L'Aberwrach is twinned with Helford River in Cornwall as both are idillic river estuaries with a tradition of oyster farming and many keen local sailors. Every French school child learns to sail, so the inner estuary is dotted with sailing dinghies. After the passage 'around the corner' of France it is always nice to swim in the sea, enjoy a refreshing shower and head into town for a glass or two of wine or beer on 'French soil' that doesn't move.

For a speedy passage further South to Brest we have to catch the tidal race through the Chanel du Four, sailing inside the Ile d'Ouessant (Ushant) and the French mainland on the Atlantic edge of Europe.

Eve's skippers are always keen to visit the island of Ushant if the tides and weather allow. This windswept sentinel has huge lighthouses, stone walls, shaggy sheep and low granite farmhouses and looks more like a Hebridean island than part of France. Fiercely Breton the local community welcome any seafarers brave enough to anchor in the deep fjord like anchorage of Lampaul.

Explore North Biscay Coast

Close to Brest is Cameret Sur Mer with a wide range of great seafood resturants on the waterfront and wooden ship wrecks on the beach - left deliberately for artists to sketch.  The coast down towards Douarnenez has spectacular limstone cliffs, heather covered clifftops and impressive beaches to anchor off.  Within the Rade de Brest (a large inland sea) are small rural villages and you can sail up rivers like the steeply wooded L'Aulne River or River Elorn. There are bound to be other interesting boats and tall ships sailing all around the coast, so plenty to see, even when you are exploring away from the city of Brest.


What is Special at Brest 2012Brest 08

Many themed parades of sail will sail through the harbour, or the parade of Classic Yachts.

Night time fireworks, light shows and illuminated night parades of sail and Bastille Day celebrations.

There are boats from over 25 countries including special features on tradiional craft and tall ships from - Mexico, Russia, Norway and Indonesia.

The hugely entertaining Mexican Navy crew from square rigger Cuauhtemoc will be in port, as well as tall ships from Russia and the huge Norwegian three masters Sorlandet and Statsraad Leehmkuhl.On shore are Viking and Russian villages, cossack dancers, and all sorts of food and craft displays.


The Festival where you actually go out and sail

As crew sailing Eve, Lizzie May or AJ, you will have a chance to take an active part in a dynamic demonstrations of international maritime history out on the water. It is not compulsory but daily the organisers encourage boats to sail in an out the harbour entrances, and go for a blast in the adjacent inland sea of Rade de Brest.

Key Events at Brest 2012

Finish of Krys Ocean Race 2012

A new multihull Trans Atlantic Race from New York to Brest is timed to end during the festival and world records may be broken. The MOD 70 (Multi hull One Design) Project claims to represent the future of offshore racing on a state of the art one design multi hull that will pit crews against each other on a level playing ground.  You may well see these amazing craft under sail as the French crews will want to show off once they return home, and the finish will attract all the famous names in yacht racing.


Grand Regatta from Brest to Douarnenez

For those joining in Brest for the voyage back home, enjoy the atmosphere of the festival at Brest for the last evening and usually the Grande Finale Fireworks. Then take part in one of the largest flotilla of tall ships, small traditional craft and classic yachts in the world. The organisers are calling it a race, but it is a race like no other. The fleet leaves Brest to sail out the famous narrow approaches with crowds on either side, then heads south down the stunning limestone coastline with the brave option of sailing between the Tais de Pois rock pinnacles.

Temps Fete sur Douarnenez
Douarnenez itself has two ports: The old fishing port, on one side of the town and the river basin, Port de Rhu, with its wooden wharves and waterside bars on the other. The town is medieval in origin and has fascinating architecture and narrow streets. This year the Guests of Honour will be from the basque Country but Cousins on Cornish Boats are always welcome. There will be a lot of boats and ships coming from Brest so the sailing adventure will continue.

Returning to Cornwall via the Chanel du Four and calling in at a french Port on the way, maybe Camaret Sur Mer or L'Aberach both with excellent restaurants and full of the charm and character Brittany is famous for.

Information on the Official Brest 2012 website Click Here


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