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Tenacious - Poole to Southampton

Voyage Number Vessel Starting Port Ending Port
TNS344 Tenacious Poole, UK Southampton
Booking fee Voyage duration Start date and time End date and time
GBP £20.00 5 days
25/06/2012 - 12:00 to 29/06/2012 - 13:00
25/06/2012 - 12:00 to 29/06/2012 - 13:00
Berth Type Availability Price Special Price
Per Person Available - Book Now GBP £545.00 n/a
Voyage Description:

Spring/Summer 2013 on Tenacious

This summer Tenacious has an exciting and varied schedule on the south coast of UK and across the channel to France, Denmark, Latvia, Finland and Poland. She will be voyaging across to France to destination ports such as Ushant and Douarnenez, as well as the Channel Islands.A mixture of 5 to 12 day voyages, of which a couple are passport free.

There are plenty of day sails out of either Southampton, Poole, Edinburgh or Jersey to whet your appetite and test your sea legs.

Poole to Southampton

You will need your passport on this voyage as you cross the channel to the Channel Islands or Normandy.

In northern Normandy is Cherbourg a large harbour with marina, restaurants castle and great cider. The picturesque Normandy port of St Vaast is an alternative Normandy port and like many places in France is famous for its Fresh seafood restaurants.

Alderney is the northern most of the Channel Islands and it has a large harbour with many military historic connections. Alderney is a quaint island with beautiful clean sandy beaches and more forts per square mile from many centuries than you can find anywhere else. Alderney also has breeding colonies for Puffin and other sea birds.

Sark is simple, climb up to get on and don’t fall of the edges. If you are into international banking you might find your bank here. More banks than shops – you can hire bicycles but don’t fall off the edge.

Guernsey and Jersey
St Peters Port is the main town of Guernsey and has two large marinas inside the busy port. There are stylish shops ashore and the whole town is very cosmopolitan with international commerce very evident. There is another marina further north on the island at Sampson Harbour.

Jersey and St Helier has four marinas all close to the town centre. Going ashore here can feel a bit like walking into the city of London with men wearing ties and other un-nautical clothing! Eating Ashore
There are good places to eat on all the inhabited islands and by sailing you will see the sights most travellers never get to see.

Brittany & Normandy
There are lots of fabulous ports in Brittany and Normandy - all with there own character.
The north east coast of Brittany is known as the Granite Rose coast from the pink colour of the granite. It stretches from Paimpol on the east to Treburden in the west.

Isle de Brehat is like a mini Isles of Scilly with the one shop and a tiny fire engine.
Off shore are the Sept Isles where there is a large breeding colony of Gannets.

On the Normandy coastline to the East, the inner lock basin in Honfleur is a treasured spot right in the centre of this historic town.

All of the summer voyages will allow you a great mix of great sights ashore and some fantastic sailing in a sea area that is rich in maritime history, and a challenge to even the most experienced of sailor.

Where do we go ?

Each voyage is usually a mix of a couple of longer passages where you sail through the night, and shorter hops between ports or a scenic anchorage. Once at sea you are part of a watch so only on duty for 4 hours and then the next watch takes over. Watch duty day or night involves trimming sail and steering the ship under the stars and the watchful eye of the professional deck officers and voluntary watch leaders.  Some manouvres require 'all hands' to brace the yards or take in sail. Sometimes the ships boats are launched when sailing along in settled weather so you can take a photo of the ship under sail.  There are often lectures on board to teach you more about sailing square riggers.

Anyone Can Sail from aged 12 to 98+

The beauty of the Lord Nelson and her sister ship Tenacious is that they are big impressive square riggers so there is plenty of hearty pulling and masts to climb, but the ships wheel is power assisted and a lot of thought has gone into the design to allow all physical abilities to join in and contribute to sailing the ship and move around the ship independently.

Children as young as 12 can come with a parent or guardian and their is no upper age limit with the oldest crew member so far being 98 !  This is great if you have already sailed on the ship and you want to show your friends and family what it is like aboard.  It is also a good opportuntity for those with a disability to trial a day sail before they try a longer trip.

Sailing on the largest working UK tall ship - Tenacious

Climbing the masts to work the square sails is the essence of tall ship sailing - but it is not complusory. There aren’t many adrenalin buzzes in the world to beat stowing a sail 100ft above the white capped sea as you stand there balanced on a single foot rope.

On Deck - No Experience needed

At deck level the challenge is to make sense of the myriad of ropes than run down to belaying pins all around the tall ship, you won't be expected to understand it all on a day sail.

The decks are wide enough to move around in a wheel chair and their are handrails fo those not so steady on their feet. There are lifts to different deck levels as well as steps.

Just get stuck in and pull away on those ropes and enjoy the sight of those sails propelling you through the water. As part of a team you could be hauling on a halliard that hoists a huge yard up the mast so that the sail can be set. It may be an upper topsail, the main course or you may be alone finding the right buntlines to loosen for someone working high above you.

Tall Ship Rig

The ship’s rig is fairly authentic, although the royal and t'gallant sails are roller reefed from the deck.  There are no winches, no windlass for the sails and so it takes a lot of physical effort and large numbers of people working together to set all the sails. Manoeuvring a tall ship is not simple under sail and there is huge amount of work to be done when you tack or wear ship. It all takes genuine teamwork, not a cliché in a management training manual.


The sense of satisfaction and pride in your ship is a common but wonderful feature of tall ship sailing.

A tall ship voyage is not just for young and agile as these ships are built for those who believe in human power and seek to enjoy the pleasures of sailing in the old ways.

Crew Handbook

If you want to swot up on your nautical terms and learn more about the sail names and proceedures on board then have a look at the crew handbook which has sail plan drawings and pin rail diagrams so you can learn the rope positions (It is easiest to learn by doing though).

PDF Crew Handbook Tenacious and Lord Nelson

A Challenge for All

The safety of everyone is top priority and so every activity is conducted at a pace comfortable for all. The forces of nature show no compromise and the Tenacious is still a powerful square rigger so with main course, upper and lower topsails traditionally rigged so there is still considerable challenge in every voyage. Perhaps going aloft (climbing the rigging is optional) will be the biggest adrenalin buzz or simply the challenge and rewards of being part of a very special floating community.

The Buddy System on Tenacious

On Board Tenacious & Lord Nelson we operate a buddy system, which pairs able bodied and physically disabled people together. Everyone is there to help one another and share the experience, so the buddy system works both ways! You’ll get the chance to share skills and life experiences and, as many of our crew have found, make friendships that can last a lifetime.


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