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Grayhound - The Easter 'Johnny Run' Falmouth to Douarnenez

Voyage Number Vessel Starting Port Ending Port
GR160417 Grayhound Falmouth, UK Douarnenez, France
Booking fee Voyage duration Start date and time End date and time
GBP £20.00 7 day
16/04/2017 - 14:00 to 23/04/2017 - 12:00
16/04/2017 - 14:00 to 23/04/2017 - 12:00
Berth Type Availability Price Special Price
Per Person Fully booked GBP £525.00 n/a
Voyage Description:

"”A truly inspiring traditional sailing experience powered by the ever-changing winds, a highly skilled crew and Freya’s excellent cooking. You have to try it!” Falmouth – Nantes June 2017"

Sail the English Channel, from the UK to Brittany. 

Sail to Brittany delivering Cornish ale. Sail through the Channel du Four, past ile d' Uschant and stop in the beautiful seaside town of Cameret before arriving in the historic port of Douarnenez. 

You will use the engine as little as possible, meet the Bretons and take pride in delivery under sail. This voyage is perfect for those looking for an active sailing experience, with plenty of sailing, boat handling and opportunities to learn new skills. 

It also includes ale and wine tasting as well as entry to Douarnenez maritime museum.

Receive 10% off if you book both legs!


  • "Johnny Route" Run
  • English Channel Crossing
  • Be apart of a more Sustainable and Fair Transport Movement
  • Quality Home Cooked Local and Organic Food
  • Free entry to Douarnenez Maritime Museum
  • Ale and Wine Tasting Included
  • 10% off if you Book Both Legs 


Join this eco trading voyage where you can help to deliver the finer things in life from the West Country of the UK to Brittany. Reducing unneccesary emissions and making a real difference, be apart of a sustainable and green transport movement. 

On a sailing voyage we never use the word itinerary, as skippers will always be aiming for the best sailing and shore landings for the forecast and most idyllic or sheltered anchors and ports. They are as keen as you to include some of the highlights described below, but you have to go with Mother Nature, not fight her. The description below is based on what we think might be possible, based on past trips, or experience, but nothing is guaranteed on a sailing voyage.

” It was a unique experience. Words cannot describe my feelings and emotions after completing my first sailing trip, all the crew members were incredibly helpful and caring. The crew is what stood out the most. Very interesting people willing to share their knowledge of sailing and supporting you on your learning.” Cargo crew April 2017 Douarnenez – Falmouth

The ‘Johnny Run'

The 'Johnny Run' refers to the Onion Johnnies, who were Breton farmers and agricultural labourers on bicycles who sold distinctive pink onions door to door in Great Britain.Declining since the 1950s to only a few, the Onion Johnny was once very common.

This modern retake harks back to a bygone era where trading under sail was common place. Joining Grayhound in Plymouth, you will help to hand load cargo into the hold and set sail across the channel, potentially stopping at another UK port beforehand. The likely goods include organic Cornish and Devonian ale and cider, of which tasting is obligatory!

Once you are under-way crossing the channel, you will be divided into watches and work on a watch system. The typical watches are likely to be four hours on and eight hours off, although you are welcome to help sail and steer the ship no matter which watch you are assigned. This gives everyone enough time to rest and means that hopefully everyone will sail for a bit during the night. It shouldn't take much longer than 24 hours to cross the channel, but the conditions and wind strength will of course dictate your speed! Grayhound likes to use the engine as little as possible to continue the ethos of green trade under sail. These trips are brilliant tasters to see if a longer ocean passage is for you, the crossing shouldn't take too long so are unlikely to be at sea for days at a time. 

“Life changing in the best way possible. Forget climbing the Everest, diving with whales or becoming a Buddhist monk for a month. Sail on the Grayhound Lugger with Freya and Marcus and you’ll get as close to your true and possible self as you could ever be.” Cargo crew April 2016

The Chenal Du Four and Camaret sur Mer

As you approach the Breton coastline the Chenal Du Four will come into view off the north-western coast of France. Sailing through this stretch of water can be challenging, but never boring! Once past this Channel, it's likely that you will make a stop in Camaret sur Mer before the final passage to Douarnenez where it'll be time to unload the cargo and have dinner in one of the local restaurants. This meal is not included in the price of the voyage, but makes a fantastic end to your adventure before having to say goodbye!

The original 1776 privateer which Grayhound is based upon, was built as a revenue lugger with the purpose to chase and patrol smugglers! She was designed to be a fast ship, in fact there came a time where the original three masted luggers were banned from being built by the government in an effort to halt the smuggling trade, one of the main reasons due to their speed! Freya and Marcus together have built a sympathetic replica, taking into account as much of the original shape and design on deck, down below the layout reflects their beautiful vision with exposed beams, attention to detail, comfotable bunks and spacious dining area.  What they have achieved is truly remarkable and the character of the ship reflects their hard work, dedication and welcoming approach to everything and everyone.


These voyages are still a sailing holiday, but the emphasis is more on active voyage crew who take part in all aspects of the sailing under the guidance of the skipper and crew. 

On the longer trips across the channel, there will be a watch systems, night sailing and navigation responsibilities, not to mention sail handling, trimming, hoisting, lowering, steering and laying anchor/coming alongside. Full wet weather waterproofs are included. 

Past, present and future.

Act historically, experience real sailing today, look to the future, get onboard Grayhound.

“Being part of Grayhound for a week has changed things for me: I have gained a new perspective on everyday life. I am more self-confident and more positive than before. I am more deeply infatuated with sailing and seamanship. And now I know for sure I want to learn it myself.” Cargo voyage June 2017


  • Skipper & professional crew
  • Personal Safety Equipment
  • Sailing Instruction
  • All meals, snacks and refreshments
  • Port and landing fees
  • Linen and duvets
  • Third Party liability insurance
  • Waterproofs


  • Travel to Joining Port
  • Travel from end port
  • Alcoholic Drinks
  • Towels
  • Personal Travel Insurance

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