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Grayhound - The 'Johnny Run for Home'

Voyage Number Vessel Starting Port Ending Port
GR150917 Grayhound Douarnenez, France Falmouth, UK
Booking fee Voyage duration Start date and time End date and time
GBP £20.00 7 Days
15/09/2017 - 14:00 to 22/09/2017 - 12:00
15/09/2017 - 14:00 to 22/09/2017 - 12:00
Berth Type Availability Price Special Price
Per Person Provisionally Full GBP £525.00 n/a
Voyage Description:

Grayhound’s “Johnny” Cargo Run!

Load up with supplies on either side of the Channel and promote green transport and fair trading. Hand load organic wine from the historic port of Douarnenez in Brittany into the ship’s hold bound for the West Country suppliers and restaurants.

Sail the ship across the channel laden with goods where you will use the engine as little as possible. Meet the Bretons and take pride in delivery under sail. This voyage also includes loading and offloading cargo, night sailing across the Channel and sailing in a watch system. Stopping in Camaret sur Mer on your way towards Cornwall and also delivering to Plymouth if the wind allows.

This trip also includes ale and wine tasting, as well as entry to Douarnenez maritime museum.

Receive 10% off if you book both legs!

Grayhound’s Magic Synergy.

Sometimes a ship, its owners and the voyages they do just come together and it feels right for everyone. Grayhound, Freya, Marcus and cargo carrying is that perfect mix of interests and aspirations coming together to do voyages that are inspiring and exciting. It is a blinding bit of history showing us the way to a better future.

You can feel historic as a working crew member and as an ambassador for the future, get onboard, work hard, play hard and shout about it to all your friends.

All Cargo Voyages on Grayhound

DZ to FH

Join Grayhound in Dournanez (DZ) and sail back to Falmouth (FH). The abreviations are the letters used to identify where fishing boats are registered.

A Greener Way of Transporting Cargo

The current line-up of goods Grayhound will carry is organic wine, ale, tea, gin, vodka, sardines, salted caramel and honey. She is licensed to carry 4.5 tonnes of Cargo in the saloon and 750kg in barrels safely secured on deck.

Grayhound is the 1st British registered vessel, this century, to provide a regular cross channel cargo delivery service under sail.


Grayhound is proud to work with a Breton company called Trans Oceanic Wind Transport ( TOWT). Together TOWT and Grayhound run a regular and credible cargo route seven months of the year between the South West of the UK and France. TOWT

TOWT organises all aspects of the cargo itself and then Grayhound delivers it under sail using as minimal engine hours as possible. Each product Grayhound carries has a coded label which one can track to see where, how and who sailed it.


Sailing Cargo Alliance

Grayhound is a member of the Sailing Cargo Alliance, an exciting movement towards a greener way of transporting cargo. 

Fair Transport - From A to B Emmission Free

Deux routes

The Grayhound sails two cross channel cargo routes. The ‘Muscadet Run' and the ‘Johnny Run’.


The ‘Johnny Run' with entry to Douarnenez Maritime Museum.

The 'Johnny Run' refers to the Onion Johnnies, who were Breton farmers and agricultural labourers on bicycles who sold distinctive pink onions door to door in Great Britain.

Declining since the 1950s to only a few, the Onion Johnny was once very common.

Dressed in striped shirt and beret, riding a bicycle hung with onions, the Onion Johnny became the stereotypical image of the Frenchman and may have been the only contact that the ordinary British had with France.

Johnnies mainly from Roscoff found a more profitable market selling their onions in England than at home, and typically brought their harvest across the English Channel. Hence we have called this route the 'Johnny Run'

The route starts in Charleston, Brixham or Falmouth and sails to Douarnenez to unload the ale and pick up organic wine from the Bordeaux and Muscadet regions which is stored in the warehouse in Douarnenez.


The ‘Muscadet Run'

The 'Muscadet Run' refers to the wine region in Nantes, where we load locally grown wine.

This route starts from Falmouth or Brixham where we load Devon and Cornwall ale aboard before sailing south to Nantes to collect wine and a return journey to Cornwall.

The delivery returns to Cornwall to deliver the wine to Cusgarne Organic farm who sell the wine to their customers in the farm shop.

Classic Sailing is a customer of Cusgarne Organics and can vouch for the wonderfulness of the wine.

Working Cargo - Working Sailor

Sail the ship like they used to with man power and as little engine as possible. Meet the Bretons and take pride in delivery under sail.

During your voyage you will muck in with maintenance jobs like tarring the rigging, splicing ropes, painting, storing cargo, cleaning, veg prep and washing up. Crew will be divided into three watches so that Grayhound can sail both night and day, everyone gets a fair chance to sleep, eat and work the ship. Sailing passages will definitely include overnight sails.


A reasonable level of fitness is needed for these voyages in order to participate. Once in France the time will be spent off loading and loading more cargo, looking around, storing the ship and some sightseeing. All the cargo is hand loadable, no cranes allowed.


You will be much involved, these voyages suit people who are keen to learn and pitch in. We will be naturally teaching navigation as we go along during watches. You do not need any prior sailing experience but you do have to be of an adventurous nature and up for working as part of a watch system and part of a team.

You will be sleeping in the fore cabin on these voyages leaving the saloon as the cargo hold.


Food will be good, wholesome and tasty and organically sourced where possible. It will be food for eating at sea, so big pots of stew, soup, pasta and baked potatoes. Homemade cakes and when in France the crew always enjoy local bread, pastries and cheese. 

You will be able to sample the wine and ale that you will be loading.

Past, present and future.

Act historically, experience real sailing today, look to the future, get onboard Grayhound.

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