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Tall Ship Taster Voyage in Early Spring, a Netherlands Adventure

Voyage Number Vessel Starting Port Ending Port
MR300318 Morgenster Den Helder Rotterdam, NL
Booking fee Voyage duration Start date and time End date and time
EUR €30.00 2 nights
30/03/2018 - 20:00 to 01/04/2018 - 10:00
30/03/2018 - 20:00 to 01/04/2018 - 10:00
Berth Type Availability Price Special Price
4-6 Berth Cabin per person Available - Book Now EUR €200.00 n/a
2 Berth Cabin per person Available - Book Now EUR €250.00 n/a
Voyage Description:

Great Taster Voyage

Morgenster is one of the best tall ships to try a taster voyage on. She is small enough not to feel overwhelmed but big enough to try everything you find a square sailed tall ship. 

This trip begins at 8pm on the 30th March and finishes on the 1st April at 10am. The Race of the Classics begins on the 2nd April from Veerhaven in Rotterdam. This will be a great opportunity to watch the traditional fleet leave the city, creating a spectacle on the water. 

On Friday evening, you will come on board in Den Helder. After some introduction to crew and the other guests and the basic instructions, there will be time for a walk or a chat. You will leave on Saturday morning through the locks, bridges and the Dutch Royal Navy Port in Den Helder.

You will sail along the busiest part of the Dutch North Sea with wind farms, gas rigs and huge merchant traffic. At Hook of Holland you will enter Nieuwe Maas, the waterway to Rotterdam. This is the busiest inland waterway of the Netherlands. In Rotterdam, you will moor at the Veerhaven, just east of the Euromast. These trips are good appetizers for those who have no sea experience and considering booking a longer trip later.

These trips are good appetizers for those who have no sea experience and consider to book a longer trip later.

Morgenster is run by Harry and Marianne who are on their second tall ship. Their years of experience show in how well set up the ship is and how easily they make everyone welcome and a happy affective crew member.

They are always young professional crew sailing onboard and like many tall ships the calibre of the crew is awesome. I sailed with a Dutch deckhand and it turned out that he was the author of an article in the New Scientist Magazine I had read a month before!

Morgenster Tall Ship

Tall Ship Morgenster 

Morgenster is traditionally rigged as a brig, with square sails on her two masts. This 48m sail training vessel is well known in Holland, where she is based, but has taken part in many International Tall Ships Races and is proven as a fast sailor. Morgenster is familiar with the sailing in the Canary Islands and has a brilliant knowledge to help you get the best out of the sailing, wildlife and exploring ashore. 

Morgenster was originally built as a deep sea fishing vessel but was converted to a fine sailing ship in 2008. Her owners Marianne and Harry Mutter intended that the rig would be ideal for sail training, fast and elegant. Their design concept was that people would 'stop and stare' when they saw her. We have seen Morgenster sailing and running day sails in Falmouth and she is a worthy addition to our eye catching fleet

The professional crew are often a mix of nationalities and the working language on board is English.


24 can sleep on bunks in 4 x two person cabins and 4 x four persons cabins. Another 12 can sleep in hammocks in the saloon, but usually she will take 24 adults.  (For youth sail training she can carry 36). Each cabin has a basin with hot and cold running water, but showers and toilets are seperate - outside the cabin.

Morgenster interior tall ship

What's Included

Sailing tuition 
Bed linen, duvet, pillow, sheets etc
Three meals a day with snacks and refreshments 

What's Not Included

Waterproof clothing
Alcoholic beverages- although there is a bar onboard which accepts Euros in cash. 
Optional trips or tours taken ashore
Meals ashore (only ever rarely taken)


"Good value for money especially for a solo traveler. Harry and Marianne are fantastic hosts as well as great sailors.

It was a fantastic experience and would like to do another trip sometime but doubt anyone will ever make a proper sailor of me!  That is the beauty of  that type of  trip  - you don't have to be.

I really enjoyed seeing the Canary Islands from the sea and sitting on deck at night anchored off and watching the stars. That combined with decent amount of time ashore to do some good hikes was perfect.

That and of course the sheer joy of being at sea on such an amazing vessel."

Anon Canary Islands Sailor

Sailing a Brig

Morgenster has square sails on two masts and 8 yards, four on the foremast and three on main mast. There are lots of sails to work on aloft and allow.   Climbing up the rigging is not difficult given the right training and supervision. Going aloft is not compulsory, but the view is great and the ship’s crew will train you on how to climb and what to do to stow sails or release the gaskets so sails can be set. There is plenty to learn on deck too. To manoeuvre the ship or trim the sails it needs a team a deck level to brace the yards.

There are many ropes to learn, or if you just want a holiday, we can show you what to pull to get the ship sailing.  A great place to be is out in the bowsprit netting, when the ship is sailing fast this a really exciting place to be with the swish of sea sweeping past the bows. If rough you might get a bit wet but you will be strapped on the ride is amazing.  There are safety harnesses for going out on bowsprit or aloft.

Equipment & Safety

Morgenster is equipped to sail the world’s seas and holds all the safety certificates required by Dutch Law. As you are part of the guest crew you will be fully trained in emergency procedures. For going ashore Morgenster has a large rubber dinghy with outboard. She carries lifejackets, liferafts, fire detection and extinguishing systems, very extensive medicine cabinet.


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