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Your Guide to Tall Ships and a 2017 Tall Ships Calendar

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FREE 58 page pdf Guide to Tall Ships and Tall Ship Races

Learn about Tall Ships and how you can identify different types, learn the names of the sails. Spot Wildlife and understand the watch system.

“I think this tall ships publication is brilliant.” Sheila R.
“Just what I wanted” Norman D. 
“Thank you for this beautifully illustrated and very helpful download about tall ships.” Donatella G. 
'I was impressed by how simply you were able to explain what seemed like a very complex subject.' Carl A

  • 14 Types of ships
  • Parts of Ship
  • The watch system explained.
  • How to Spot Wildlife at Sea
  • What are Tall Ships, Square Riggers and Clipper Ships?
  • What the words mean and how they came about.
  • Name those sails and masts
  • Fully illustrated diagrams.


Types of Ship

  1. Fully Rigged Ship

  2. Four Masted Barque

  3. Three Masted Barque

  4. Four Masted Barquentine

  5. Three Masted Barquentine

Plus another 9 types of Tall Ships in the 'Guide to Tall Ships'


Tall Ships Races

The Big Race Across the Atlantic to Celebrate 150 years of the Canadian Confederation

Classic Sailing have three tall ships planning to take part in some or all of this epic ocean event linking two Continents.

Rendevous 2017 Tall Ships Regatta in Quebec

The race marks the 150th anniversary of the Canadian Confederation through its founders and founding provinces. It’s an important event for a region where 80% of Canadians have agreed it's important to celebrate 2017.

ALL the Details in the 'Guide to Tall Ships'

What are the Tall Ships Race Classes, A, B, C and D?

Class A

All square – rigged vessels, such as, barque, barquentine, brig, brigantine or ship rigged, and all other vessel more than 40 metres Length Overall (LOA), regardless of rig.

ALL the Classes  in the 'Guide to Tall Ships'




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